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Czech Republic

e-mail: info@e-fractal.com
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Web solutions

If your coumpany aspires to have an interesting design and professional appearance to its web site, our team of experienced graphic designers are able to meet all your requirements.

Our designers will create your unique web site according to the standards you have already established within your company. They are also able to meet your needs in areas of inventiveness, adaptability and creativity.

If you are considering a new web site or are planning on improving your existing presentation, we are ready to process, develop and implement everything on short notice. Additionally, we can arrange follow-up maintenance and ensure that everything in up to date within our long-term contractual relationship.

Our skills and services:

  • Proposing the structure and graphic design of the website
  • Processing the text or graphics draft
  • Creating pages
  • Modeling of new business presentations
  • Creation of advertising banners
  • Handling of Internet advertisements
  • Web maintenance and updating
  • Domain registration
  • Hosting arrangement
  • Registration in search engines
  • Providing visitor statistics

Complete creation of web presentations:

  • Consultation of the project as a whole, price estimation, adjustment of individual project stages
  • Graphic design, web structure and layout, logic schemes and link presentation
  • Clarifying the details and suggesting the first draft
  • Processing design using technologies such as HTML, Java, ASP, XML, CSS, PHP, .NET, Flash
  • Running the demo version and debugging, customization and other additional changes to reach the optimal end-result
  • Registration and launch at the desired domain
  • Security and maintenance of web space on e-FRACTAL's server or at the location of some of the largest Internet service providers
  • Registering on search engines in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Regular updates and operating statistics, evaluation of the effectiveness of presentation