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Vinohradska 174
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

e-mail: info@e-fractal.com
phone: +420 222 523 000


e-FRACTAL regularly enters into areas where it can offer high addend value; where our creative and innovative approach utilizes our team to come up with non-traditional  solutions to solve complicated issues. Our clients always get the full service. According to their individual requirements, we not only handle the proposal or analysis, but also provide consulting, and of course participate in the long-term implementation of projects.
We are always looking for the best solutions for our clients' projects; we implement our own existing technologies, and more often than not invent new ones. We provide 'research' and 'prototype' stages of the project, including subsequent verification operations. We then continue with our own development and implementation. We protect the most sensitive areas of your project, while preparing and safeguarding all the necessary documentation.  Of course, our co-operation with the client does not end upon delivery. Besides evaluating the final results of the project and their processing, we also provide hosting for applications, web traffic management and support.
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