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Research and development

When we founded the team in 1995 (later a foundation for e-FRACTAL in 2001), we wanted to create a place where we could implement our ideas and offer clients services with high added value. We launched the first commercial creation of web pages in 1996. Later, we expanded the business into dynamic interconnected systems. The Internet has become the place that enabled us to realize our ideas.

The first successful projects have brought our company the stability needed for creating an environment that combines innovation, ideas and creativity; where we can support our own special, non-commercial projects that we invest our time, ideas, technology, contacts and funds to. In other words, each successful project brings us the funds that we use to reinvest and support newly emerging projects and ideas.

Due to this fact, we created a research and development center with its own budget within our company. That is the place where we focus on R&D of our new technologies. We have created an environment consisting of virtual teams that are interwoven with each other, thus leading to the effective distribution of knowledge across the organization. We have used the agile methods (such as extreme programming) in majority of our projects since 2000. It means that everything created in our research and development center, is gradually released using our internal knowledge base and methodologies for the realization of our clients’ commercial projects.

Even though we still identify with our initial motto „e-FRACTAL – e-business driven company“, we have decided to support a new period of our company's development with a new slogan: „e-FRACTAL – where projects grow!“. Indeed, e-FRACTAL is the place where we help your projects grow!