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Application hosting

Since our company was set up, we have focused on providing comprehensive services - starting with development, then advancement and implementation of applications, including application hosting. As a result, we have gradually built up the professional hosting center in the leased areas with our own servers under our management.


Initially, the hosting center was housed on PC servers, which we used for hosting web sites on Windows or Linux platform. Then, we moved to professional high-powered 1U and 2U servers made by well-established manufacturers with guaranteed service. Finally, during the last year, we decided to improve our provided services and we have begun virtualizing our servers. This will increase our flexibility and raise the stability of our hosted solutions. The ability to do complex IT tasks without incurring downtime is a valuable and tangible benefit of virtualization, particularly for businesses where seconds lost make a difference in our customers web traffic. 


We provide our clients with an optimal environment for the operation and growth of their applications. It makes it possible for them to accelerate the launch of their applications without additional investment in hardware. The capacity of our infrastructure is designed for rapid changes made in terms of actual client needs in relation to their decisions to augment the performance of applications while their continuous operation must be ensured.


Among a few of our implemented projects, are:

Czech Courier

The company Czech Courier with its ekuryr.cz service has prospered from the services of our application-hosting center since 2000. We manage its pivotal ordering module and also the other information systems, such as a call-center support module, a dispatching module, an invoicing module and an advanced reporting module. An initially simple application has envolved into a very sophisticated tool, which over the years has contributed to the growth of the company and brought Czech Courier among the largest courier services in Prague. e-FRACTAL bears the responsibility of providing full-day continuous operation of hosted applications which is for Czech Courier critical aspect. We are pleased that even though the company has changed owners, we were able to continue our cooperation and use its references.

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The travel agent FRACTAL, with the highest number of daily transactions, belongs among our most important customers. This company has put us in charge of running its key applications. It is essential to secure their business with a stable platform, because any blackout would have dire consequences. We are proud of having been FRACTAL's provider since early 2004. Thanks to the hosted platform, which can be accessed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the company can reach their annual turnover of two hundred and fifty million CZK. FRACTAL is daily able to amass sales of almost 4 million CZK during peak times in the hosted system. Besides the internal applications, we also help them run several web portals such as www.smartterminal.cz, www.fractal.cz, www.xletenky.cz or www.expoinfo.cz.

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The busiest application in our application-hosting center is the multi-portal system Agronavigator. It shields up the run of over 40 separate portals with more than 90 000 messages, and some 0.6 million visitors per month. The editorial work is performed by over than 4000 registered editors publishing dozens of new professional articles every day. In addition to the Agronavigator project, we have controlled the run of the web portal to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic from 2002 to 2008. Moreover, in relation to the Agronavigator project, we support dozens of separate applications, such as dictionary applications, various mail lists, and the export and import communication interface for their external systems.

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Sodexo Pass Czech Republic Corp

In 2008, the Czech subsidiary of the multinational company Sodexo entrusted us with the hosting of their unique Cafeteria application called mojeBenefity.cz. It is a complex application made of various clones deployed as a virtually dedicated application for individual customers. Considering the specifics of operating these applications we provide them not only standard 24x7 application hosting services, but also increased supervision on the above-standard services according to the predefined rules. In other words, we carry out monitoring and on-line evaluation of selected transactions and parameters of individual applications in pre-scheduled times.

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Our application-hosting program gained a new member in 2007. It is a project called PhoneCopy, which works as an on-line service for the backup and synchronization of data from mobile phones, with access to this data possible through a web browser. The application is still hosted.

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In 2009, we won the hosting and operating contract to  the on-line platform for support of team collaboration on projects realized in the business analysis instrument Craft.CASE. Initially, we made an agreement with CRAFT.CASE Ltd. on a contract for the Czech and Slovak Republics. This cooperation will be extended to Central and Eastern Europe in 2010. We host a database applications which can be accessed 24/7. To support the consultation teams, the individual applications can communicate amongst themselves across the distributed process model by using that hosted database application.

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