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Vinohradska 174
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

e-mail: info@e-fractal.com
phone: +420 222 523 000


e-FRACTAL's services include not only our own solutions and long-term supply contracts, but also consulting and professional advisory services in the areas of our expertise. Our clients are from the different sectors; there are private companies, educational organizations as well as government institutions.

We provide a wide variety of services:

  • basic consultations,
  • processing of analysis for existing or planned projects,
  • extending the functionality of existing presentations through integration of advanced technologies,
  • full implementation of new projects.

Thanks to the cooperation within our team of graphic designers, programmers and business consultants, we are able to prepare a prototype, pilot project or case study - involving all aspects of graphic design, through the logical structure to the appropriate technology and architecture according to the customers' requirements.

The important area of our activities are the consulting services in the field of analyzing and modeling of business processes, which we provide in addition to the distribution of a software tool called Craft.CASE.

In 2007, we extended our portfolio of services by adding consulting in the field of Information Systems Safety. As part of our team, we have a legal expert in the field of Cybernetics - IT (with specialization in computer and communication technology, and the information system security). We hand over dozens of expert opinions and scientific assessments annually to Czech courts, government agencies, commercial entities and the police force.