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Vinohradska 174
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

e-mail: info@e-fractal.com
phone: +420 222 523 000


Who are we?

  • one of the most dynamic and important e-business companies in the Czech Republic
  • the long-term leader in e-commerce solutions
  • a growing team with many interesting projects implemented for prestigious customers from the business and public sectors in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • we employ creativity and innovation while working on our  internal and external projects
  • our services are not limited to the use of conventional technologies, as we are also active in the commercial deployment of technologies such as Smalltalk, Gemstone object database or Erlang
  • our company is run as both a research and developmental center

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Vinohradska 174
130 00 Prague 3


 +420 222 523 000  dial-in line: 17
E-mail:  career@e-fractal.com