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Vinohradska 174
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

e-mail: info@e-fractal.com
phone: +420 222 523 000

About us

e-FRACTAL belongs to a financial group of companies whose annual turnover in the Czech Republic exceeds two hundred and fifty million Czech crowns. Due to this fact, e-FRACTAL is one of the leading players on the market. The long-term economic growth of the financial group - as well as that of e-FRACTAL - has contributed to their excellent chart positions of the Fast50 and Fast500 Europe (the annual charts marked by Deloitte) from 2001 to 2004 and from 2006 to 2007. The secret of success has been a good team and a unique technology base, which provides excellent quality of services and highly efficient and professional customer service.
The company itself can be summarized as a creative laboratory and research center, which is focused in the field of IT and mobile technology. e-FRACTAL invests in its own innovative projects, and very often realizes them. In addition, the external companies use the unique potential of our team for the research and development of their own projects. It has recently become oapparent that the e-FRACTAL technology can operate on the world-stage. Among the company's many successes, we can count:  its placement in the chart Fast50 between years 2004 and 2006; twice winning the Creative Mobile Award; and nomination for the prestigious European IST Prize in 2005.
At this time, the Central and Eastern European markets are served directly from Prague. Furthermore, e-FRACTAL has distribution channels in the United Kingdom (for Western Europe), in California (for North America) and negotiations for a presence in Hong Kong (for the Chinese market and Asia) are close to being completed. These marketing and sales channels have been created as platforms to facilitate the entry of interesting projects from the e-FRACTAL's workshop, to the individual markets using local presence, knowledge of the background and possession of a large network of contacts. In today's globalized economy, rapidly and effectively implementing the results of research and development on a global scale is impossible, without the application of local specifics. e-FRACTAL has built a long-term strategy which directly benefits from these above mentioned options. That is why they are successfully used and implemented on existing projects.