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Applications for iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X


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Vinohradska 174
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Czech Republic

e-mail: info@e-fractal.com
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Applications for iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X

In 2008 we extended our experience of developing applications for computers running Mac OS X and then we started developing applications for the iPhone/iPad. In addition to custom development, testing and debugging of applications, we offer comprehensive services including design studies, optimization and user experience design.

One of our most successful products, which comes entirely from our development workshop is synchronization and backup application "Phonecopy for iPhone", which you can learn more at www.phonecopy.com/iphone/.


We offer:


  • experienced team with knowledge of Apple technology
  • knowledge of the user community, their habits and ways of thinking and control applications
  • high quality project management
  • test driven development
  • agile methodology
  • team of professionals who are involved in international projects



contact: development@e-fractal.com