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Auction software for The Czech Telecommunications Authority

3,7GHz frequency auction was successfully finished a few days ago. The Czech Telecommunications Authority (ČTÚ) auctioned free portions of the frequency spectrum, for which e-FRACTAL provided its own software platform for the electronic auction system and related services. At the same time, it was also a technical implementer, thanks to a specialized SMRA software auction module, which comes entirely from the e-FRACTAL software development division. The follow-up consulting services, as well as the design and implementation of the security standards, were provided by the e-FRACTAL consulting division, which supervised the whole auction. The auction was attended by all three current mobile operators operating on the Czech market (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone) and three new entrants interested in the offered portions of spectrum.
e-FRACTAL participated in the creation of the  Auction Rules, provided training to the auction participants and conducted a trial auction. During the auction, it operated the auction server and controlled the auction from a technical point of view, looked after the auction security. Great emphasis was placed on the security and confidentiality of information during the auction in order to prevent any leak of information to third parties that would distort competition.

According to CTU, the auction went smoothly and e-FRACTAL did a professional job. The electronic auction lasted 16 days and earned more than 1 billion CZK. The e-FRACTAL team has demonstrated that is able to design, develop and deliver a comprehensive, reliable and secure software platform, including related services, and is a leading software and consulting company on the market.
An auction for the Slovak Office for Electronic Communications and Postal Services has also been realized using this platform. It was the type of the Combinatorial Clock Auction (CCA) and generated a revenue of EUR 163.9 million (approx. CZK 4.5 billion).

We have increased our competencies to include MS Azure

We have recently migrated one of our significant customers to the Azure platform. As Microsoft Certified Parter, we have already realized a few project on this platform, but they were smaller projects, or prototypes for testing and benchmarking various properties and parameters. This time though, we have had a full control of modifying and migrating application from dedicated hosting to Microsoft Azure cloud, including follow-up optimizations. We have thus increased our competencies that we can provide to our customers.

Majority of systems migrated to a new platform

We have successfully finished migration of our key systems on new cloud platform that we have been building since the start of the year. We are thus fulfilling vision and strategic planning of our company in which we invested to own private cloud platform. Our target is to have complete control over the whole string of services: from hardware, operating system, over virtualization platform, application servers or databases to complex maintenance and application security. Part of the system was designed to fulfill the requirements of PCI-DSS security standard. In addition to the platform itself, we are gradually finishing building and testing a backup location that can provide availability of individual applications and data in off-line mode, and eventually in on-line replication.

Cloud platform upgrade

One of the strategic focus of e-FRACTAL is building our own private cloud platform. A new strategy defined in 2015 meant increased investments into hardware and software so that we are able to provide complete cloud services for our current clients and projects, but also to be ready for dynamic growth of services that cloud technologies provide. Our projects will gradually be migrated to the new environment during February and March. Our busiest application PhoneCopy.com with more than 625 000 000 stored items will be migrated during April.

15 years on market

e-FRACTAL was submitted to Czech business register exactly 15 years ago as a standalone subject. Before that, we have been active since 1995 under the name FRACTAL together with our sister company. For those 15 years we are operating successfully on the market, which can be seen by the number of appreciation, certificates, successful projects and satisfied customers. We have build a dynamic team that can provide our customers optimized or standardized solutions as well as build completely custom solutions. Many of our projects cross geographical boundaries and are used by users from all around the globe. We would like to thank all who trust us and give their systems, data and technologies under our wing. We appreciate it and we trust that we will not disappoint you in the future.

Universal Windows Platform

We have recently created an application on Universal Windows Platform for our client. Despite relatively early stage of this platform and limited amount of devices supporting it, it seems that UWP is a platform that is fully capable of running enterprise applications. Team of our programmers who are specialized for MS platforms therefore increases its competency and owing to this pilot application it shows its readiness for near future focused on universal mobile and desktop applications.


Development for less common platforms

Long-term focus of our team for focusing on adaptation on various platforms help us quickly and effectively fulfill customers requests, as well as requests for internal needs like encompassing uncommon platforms and technologies. During last years we have developed in pure objective-oriented environments like SmallTalk and Gemstone, persistent storage environment using Erlang and application for Firefox OS. Currently we are starting projects involving applications for SmartTV.

Complete redesign of PhoneCopy.com

We have decided to brighten up PhoneCopy.com service using a new design. Team of our graphic designers and programmers have reworked each and every little detail of the design like logo, slogan, icon set, color scheme, optimizing user interface including texts, and even upgrading design of application on all supported platforms. Despite the complexity of such a task, everything was done without hesitation, and a new airy design emerged. Please see yourself: www.phonecopy.com

Help with Czech Cybersecurity law harmonization

e-FRACTAL assists customers with implementing requirements imposed by the new cyber-security law. The whole process has been undergone with a government customer. We guarantee smooth implementation with our expert in fields cybersecurity and security of IT systems.


A new law concerning cyber-security No. 181/2014 Sb. and relevant ordinances nr 315, 316 and 347 / 2014 Sb came into force on 1. 1. 2015.

It is mandatory to fulfill all its requirements based on ČSN ISO/IEC 27001 until 31. 12. 2015.


  • ·         We can clarify cyber-security law and relevant ordinances, summarizing specific requirements for your organization
  • ·         We will provide harmonization with cyber-security law, ISO 27000 standard and field best-practice
  • ·         We will revise current cyber-security in your organization and find potential improvements
  • ·         We will define requirements for IS owner, application suppliers, application operators and infrastructure operators
  • ·         We will review your current relevant IT contracts


  • ·         Organization and processes according to cyber-security law requirements
  • ·         ISO 27000 and industry best-practices compatibility
  • ·         Finalized definition of IT security management (roles, responsibility, competency, continuity) and its functioning in organizational hierarchy
  • ·         Management of IT security processes (monitoring, management of security incidents, management of security vulnerabilities, etc.)
SalesForce.com application development

Cloud services are a long term domain for e-FRACTAL team. First hosting services provided as SaaS (software as a service) was launched back in 2004 and since that time we regularly improve range of services in this area. The newest addition is a development for CRM cloud platform SalesForce.com. The development was particularly challenging because our project was going through a thorough safey checks, including application source codes. Owing to our experience with software security, the application has received a certification needed for placing it on AppExchange platform so that all SalesForce.com users can immediately use it.

A short video tutorial for the application can be found here YouTube

The application itself is available on SalesForce

We maintain a database with half a billion of items

Our database contains 500 000 000 data items and is growing by millions of items each week. Our application provides ca 200 000 synchronizations a week. In a month, it serves 3.5 million of web sites and transfers more than 200 GB of data.

500 000 Apple devices with our application

Mobile application development has been the strong-point of e-FRACTAL team. Our activities include development for iOS, OS Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. We are also developing applications for MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, therefore we provide wide range of experience for project development of our customers. Increasing number of devices containing one of our application is a proof of our competency and experience in the industry. Long-term stable team which is oriented on the needs of customer and is in contact with bleeding edge technologies is a guarantee of the optimal choice from technical as well as financial point of view.

PF 2015

We would like to thank our customers, partners, friends and other supporters who cooperated with us during 2014. We would like to believe that we will hold our friendship in upcoming year and we will face new challenges together. e-FRACTAL team is always ready to give advice, help and fulfill your requests.

1 000 000 devices synchronize with PhoneCopy

PhoneCopy.com is strengthening its position of world leader in multi-platform backup and protection of contacts from mobile devices. A new milestone was reached today – number of synchronizing devices reached 1 000 000. PhoneCopy currently offers possibility to sync from all major platforms like Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, but also many other devices like Nokia phones with Symbian or S40, Samsung Bada etc. Complete list of supported devices is available at https://www.phonecopy.com/cs/phones/ . The service is a unique reference for the whole e-FRACTAL team, because it works in real-time with a database containing half a billion items.

Development for Mac OS X Yosemite

We have had the possibility to test a beta version of Mac OS X Yosemite since July 2014. Therefore, when the version was released officially, we were immediately ready to deploy applications for it.

First iOS 8 application

We have finalized and successfully tested our first application for iOS 8 just a few days after its official release. We wanted to be ready to develop future mobile applications on new development platform from Apple. We have also tested many new possibilities of using current applications and their components in new environment.

We expanded our hosting capacities

We have had a few short maintenance breaks during recent days, whose objective was to test and finalize last phase of expanding our hosting capacities according to requirements of our projects and needs of our customers. The investment was aimed mainly at renewal of hardware that was at the end of its warranty period and increasing disk storage capacity. Server architecture and security was upgraded, so that it conforms to latest standards. We currently operate 3 geographically separated centers – 2 of those are operational and 1 is a backup. In addition to hardware and software upgrade, we have performed a deep control of related processes and documentation so that we meet demands of our globally hosted applications, including systems for accepting payments etc.

Windows Phone 8 applications

We have started developing applications for Windows Phone 8 platform, and our first application has already been downloaded hundred of times in first few days. Our team is able to create mobile applications and publish them on respective app stores (with the limitations of each platforms). By sharing information internally between team members we can provide a big advantage for customer who for a single task can get a feasibility study of its requirements on all platforms and then he can rethink the task even before the main investment in development and therefore save time and invested resources.

e-FRACTAL is now among very few companies on Czech market that provide complete development for all mobile platforms including a full life cycle, including registering application on all relevant app stores.

250 000 Android applications

Mobile application development has a long tradition in our company. Our Android applications are used on more than a quarter million devices, and more than 400 000 applications were downloaded to Apple products – eg. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or computer with MAC OSX operating system. Among other platforms, our applications can be found  in BlackBerry 10 devices and more, like Windows Phone devices with Nokia Lumia and wide range of smart phones made by Nokia, Samsung, LG and more. More than 800 000 devices are communicating with our services and altogether, more than 360 000 000 data items (contacts, notes, calendar events, SMS) were saved at our data storage. Our team here at e-FRACTAL persistently shows high level of knowledge in areas of designing architecture and developing such an enormous database. Owing to repeating optimizations and refactoring, the database is able to run on single processor core without any delays.


PhoneCopy.com serves more than 750 000 devices for 500 000 users!

PhoneCopy.com reached a new milestone. Number of synchronizing devices surpassed three quarters of a million in recent days, and number of users reached half a million (currently 520 000). On the occasion of this milestone, we bring a brief summary of main information about PhoneCopy.com service.

PhoneCopy.com is one of the world’s largest services for backup and synchronization of cell phone data. The main idea is using data transfer available anywhere and anytime to a secure internet server over wireless or mobile networks, therefore it does not require to connect a phone over a cable or Bluetooth to one’s computer or any specialized computer drivers. PhoneCopy.com can transfer contacts between any of the 3750 currently supported devices. Data are then available online on our servers. If a cellphone is lost or broken, or when the battery is drained, the data are available and can be copied to any other cell phone in a matter of minutes.
As of today our database contains more than 320 533 000 contacts, events, notes, text messages etc. More than a quarter of a billion of these are contacts.

Service is most commonly used by iPhones – more than four hundred thousand iPhones are served by PhoneCopy.com. At the end of last year we have launched Geosync function which can run PhoneCopy synchronization on iPhones and iPads whenever the device gets near a predefined place – e.g. in an office or at home. Furthermore, nearly a quarter of a million Android devices use the service, with Samsung Galaxy S3 being the most commonly synchronized Android phone. The latest improvement in Android application is the possibility to synchronize text messages. New additions have also been added to the PhoneCopy for Mac application, which synchronizes contacts and calendar events and is installed by tens of thousands users around the world.

PhoneCopy.com is compatible with majority of today’s platforms – Apple iOS and Mac OSX, Windows Phone including the newest Windows Phone 8, historic devices using Microsoft Windows mobile, Android phones, BlackBerry devices running operation system version 10, PCs running Windows including Windows 8 and a beta version for Linux OS. We support all older phones which support SyncML protocol, e.g. Nokia S40, Symbian and a whole line of SonyEricsson or LG phones, but also Samsung Wave with Bada operation system and others. Nearly infinite list contains even the most unique phones like Vertu, indestructible Caterpillar, luxurious LG Prada or design BlackBerry Porsche Design P‘9982.

Service’s users synchronize their phones from 208 countries. Among markets with the largest number of users are USA, India, Czech republic, Great Britain, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Russia, Finland, Malaysia and Brasil. PhoneCopy offers 7 localizations and more are being prepared.

There are currently 3800 supported devices of more than 120 brands. Nearly 85 000 synchronizations happened last week. On average, PhoneCopy site is visited by more than 14 000 users daily, they browse more than a quarter of million of pages and the numbers are rising. Currently we are experiencing a growing number of users visiting PhoneCopy web sites from their mobile devices, therefore we are optimizing the web for mobile browsers too.

"Achieving 750 000 synchronizing devices and doubling the number of users each year is a confirmation that we are heading the right direction. Due to the growing number of Premium users, our business model is starting to fulfill, which is a big commitment for us and also an impulse to introduce more features”, said Jiří Berger, CEO of PhoneCopy.com. “We have no small goals, and each reached milestone is a great motivation for us to meet the other objectives that PhoneCopy.com has planned. We are grateful for all our users and we thank them for their trust and support!”

Company e-FRACTAL started PhoneCopy project in its R&D center as a development project, and it continues to provide financial, organizational and technological support. Not only this project shows that e-FRACTAL is one of the top technology companies - besides custom development for its customers it can also build and self-sufficiently operate a worldwide service that exceeds most conventional projects.

PhoneCopy by e-FRACTAL

e-FRACTAL provided an electronic auction system for TU SR

In 2013 e-FRACTAL provided an implementation of an electronic auction system and its exclusive service for the Telecommunications Office of the Slovak Republic (now: Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Poslat Services). The subject of the auction were licenses for the use of frequencies in 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz bands in the Slovak Republic (the multiband auction) for providing a high-speed 4G Internet. The auction was attended by all three mobile operators from the Slovak market (Orange Slovensko, Slovak Telekom, Telefónica Slovakia). Auction was also attended by a newcomer - Swan company, that won frequencies in 1800 MHz band and became the fourth operator in Slovakia. e-FRACTAL participated in the creation of Auction Rules, provided training of auction participants and organized a mock auction. During the auction e-FRACTAL housed auction server, managed auction from a technical point of view, watched over security of the auction and operated telephonic auction hotline. Great emphasis was placed on security and confidentiality of information during the auction in order to prevent collusion or leaking information to third parties. All bids were digitally signed by auction participants and resigned by auction server so that they could not be disputed later by either bidder or by the Regulatory Authority. At a press conference held today by the Regulatory Authority all participants agreed that the auction went smoothly and that e-FRACTAL did a professional job. The auction was of type CCA (combinatorial clock auction) which allows bidders to bid on various combinations of the auctioned commodity in each round. Revenue of the electronic auction was EUR 163.9 million.

adVENTURE 2 special prize to the PhoneCopy.com

The Association for Foreign Investment and the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic organised the second annual edition of adVENTURE, a competition for start-up businesses. In the final round, which took place last Thursday at the Node5 business incubator, nine innovative ideas were presented, of which the jury chose the three best. In addition, our project PhoneCopy.com introduced on last year’s competition was invited to presented project’s advanced development and took home the special jury prize.


The jury awarded a special prize to the PhoneCopy.com project, which made a repeat appearance in adVENTURE, having been a finalist in the first edition of the competition. The project’s representative, Jiří Berger, presented his project’s development since last year and the unprecedented progress captivated not only all participants, but also the jury.

All finalists received a series of practical trainings from partners of the competition. Furthermore, the winners also got the opportunity to engage in one-to-one consultations with investors. The jury was composed of Margareta Křížová (CEAG), Linda Vavříková (Allegria – Firma na zážitky), Tomáš Kozubek (Tarpan Partners) and Jan Všianský (42 Angels).

The organisers of the adVENTURE competition are the Association for Foreign Investment and the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. The AFI is a non-governmental non-profit organisation comprising a group of renowned Czech and multinational firms operating on the Czech market. Its purpose is to support foreign direct investment, development of the Czech business environment and Czech exports, and cooperation between firms and the research sphere. The American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic is one of the biggest and most active domestic chambers of commerce. It strives incessantly to improve the business environment and initiates activities aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Czech economy. The chamber’s membership base comprises more than 400 companies of various sizes and nationalities.

The partners of the adVENTURE project are Deloitte, DC Vision, CEAG, Tarpan Partners, 42Angels, Hewlett Packard, NWD Legal, Hudson, Media Education, Czech ICT Alliance, the Seed Fund of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, CzechAccelerator, Czech Startups and Node 5. The media partners are the TyInternety.cz online portal,  Studenta.cz student lifestyle portal and Aiesec.

Our first application in Windows Store

First our application is currently uploaded to Windows Store to serve all user who are looking to synchronize their contacts between PhoneCopy.com and any of supported mobile phone. Currently we offer synchronization with more than 2 100 phone models.


PhoneCopy for Windows

New application PhoneCopy for Windows was released today. It enables synchronization of contacts from PhoneCopy to the selected directory on your computer.

Softpedia "100% Clean" Award

Our PhoneCopy for Mac got the Softpedia guarantee that  is 100% Clean. That means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

PF 2011

We wish our clients and supporters a Merry Christmas and all the best in a new year.

Knowledge management system

A new version of our knowledge management system was launched, including active demo at KEYSYSTEM.com.
In the current competitive market, companies all around the world focus on success. Modern market studies show that successful companies manage their key information better than others. The way companies work with technology, and the way that companies organize their information will both change rapidly in the next decade. Now is the time to use e-FRACTAL's "KeySystem" - Knowledge Management Suite.
All of company's important information, knowledge, experience and skills would be sorted, reported and visualized in one place. The management of company should think of new trends and make his company win.

Discover Yourself!
Manage to Know!
Learn Without Forgetting!                                                   ... with KEYSYSTEM

PhoneCopy on the Apple devices

As of today, e-FRACTAL is offering its PhoneCopy application also for iPhone users. The application is also supported on the iPod Touch and iPad.

Users, who want to save their data, can download the PhoneCopy application from the AppStore and install it into their iPhones, iPods and iPads and follow the simple steps in the setup wizard. Directly from an iPhone, a user can create an account on PhoneCopy.com, connect to existing accounts, select which account will be the primary contact source, or combine contacts from multiple accounts on the PhoneCopy.com server. This application is an interesting alternative to the standard method of saving and storing contacts for users who are upgrading their iPhone’s operating system.
“The transfer and synchronization of data between the iPhone and conventional phones has been a problem plaguing many users - this application was developed to address their needs. The application will be most useful to users switching to the iPhone from another device, and users already using an iPhone as part of their multi-device personal network,” said Jiri Berger MBA, CEO of the PhoneCopy project. He then added: “During the synchronization process, we made sure that the software would successfully transfer all of the user data, including any pictures or images assigned to individual contacts. We want to make the transition as seamless as possible for our users and we believe that users will appreciate the added value of having secure access to their data from any device connected to the Internet.”

The full version of the press release available here.
More information at www.phonecopy.com/iphone/

Synchronization with Goggle Calendar

There have been some very user-friendly upgrades in the latest version of PhoneCopy. The most visible of these is the ability to synchronize your mobile device with Google Calendar.

Every PhoneCopy user can now connect his account to Google Calendar, update while tracking all changes, and synchronize in both directions. The sync occurs immediately upon the user’s synchronization with their mobile device. Changes are made dynamically, and ‚on the fly’ with your mobile device. If synchronizing with your Google Calendar takes too long to complete, only the Phonecopy.com server will be synchronized, and updates to the mobile device will occur on the next synchronization.
The application PhoneCopy has also expanded its support for other character sets, so that stored data (contacts, SMS, etc.) may be in Cyrillic, Greek, Chinese, Arabic or Hindu, with the proper display and editing of these characters supported by the PhoneCopy.com portal.

For more information read the Press Release.

CraftCASE® used by FLORES

e-FRACTAL sold the licenses of business process modeling tool CraftCASE® to FLORES Ltd. who will use them for development of a new information system FLORES.
"FLORES Ltd. started this unique project for the development of a new ERP system called FLORES in the second half of 2009. We are pleased that the development team chose for its analysis the CraftCASE® tool, which we distribute to Central and Eastern Europe. FLORES Ltd. is not our typical customer. We, or our certified partners, usually use the environment of CraftCASE® due to the customers' needs or requests. The intention of FLORES is one of the few cases when a provider of services, related to the information systems, began the development of entirely new information system; and we support this activity. After discussions with colleagues from FLORES, we believe that the final developed ERP product from FLORES will be a first representative of a entirely new generation of information systems." Mr. Berger, the managing director of e-FRACTAL, comments the purchase of CraftCASE® licences by FLORES Ltd.

Creative Future 2010

We broaden our horizons in the area of creative technologies at the symposium which was held by Adobe Systems Inc. and its partners in Prague. In addition to the leading production and post-production tools in the field of printing, graphic design and video, we got also the knowledge of a new package of tools Creative Suite5, which has been issued several days ago.

Web & Design Academy

Representatives of our company did not miss a meeting of web experts at the seminar under the auspices of Microsoft. We are using similar opportunities for getting a constant overview of trends in our business' area and keeping ourself on track. Then, we can deliver to our customers the innovative solutions backed by our traditional practices.

Our application listed on Wikipedia

Phonecopy caught the interest of the Wikipedia editors. When they were processing the entry of the information synchronization standard SyncML for the online encyclopedia, they also made reference to our synchronization server. For each server there was evaluated its platform and its support for various types of synchonized items. Also, the distinguishing specifics of each server are not omitted.

New version of Phonecopy.com released

The whole communication is wireless; via GPRS, EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi. The Phonecopy users gain not only a safe storage of data, but also access to their information via the web interface with the possibility of their easy editing and administration. The service enables  backup of contacts, calendar events, tasks and notes. The owners of mobile phones with the Symbian operating system can even back up their SMS.
According the PhoneCopy website, the service currently provides support to 177 models of 6 mobile phone brands. Nevertheless, the list will grow up to 600 models in the near future, because a large number of models is already fully supported by the used technology and the website will keep the users posted.

We became a member of the ICT UNION

At the general meeting of the Association for the Information Society (SPIS), that we have already been a member of, it was decided to merge with the Association of the Public Telecommunications Network Operators (APVTS). The newly created subject is the Association for Information Technology and Telecommunication     (abbreviated as the ICT UNION).

The anniversary celebration

It has been 9 years since our company was set up. In fact, the history of our team goes back to 1995.

"The technology assessment of the infrastructure of PCMS"

We have completed and handed over the project for Prague City Hall.

In a new year with a new look

Welcome to a newly created version of our website.

PF 2010

We wish you good luck, health and success in all your undertakings for 2010.

Christmas 2009

  We wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for respect you gave us in 2009.

Outsource World Forum+Expo in New York

  The Global Sourcing Expo was crafted for business leaders charged with strengthening their organization, improving competitiveness and increasing profit margins. We did not want to miss the opportunity to be part of the new globalized economy. Therefore, we have collaborated with the Czech Embassy, the  Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, the CzechTrade agency and the CzechInvest agency to be part of this well-known Expo. The representatives of our company have represented us in New York and also the Czech Republic as a whole.

Launch of a new platform for application hosting

On the ground in our effort to improve provided services we began virtualizing our servers. That will increase our flexibility and raise the stability of the hosted solutions. The ability to do complex IT tasks without incurring downtime is a valuable and tangible benefit of virtualization, particularly in a business where seconds lost can make a sizeable difference in our customers' success.

Visual thinking in the business

  A very interesting book, called The Back of the Napkin and written by Dan Roam, recently attracted our attention. We would like to recommend it for its clear and systematic help for sorting out ideas, and its tips on how to present these ideas to an audience.