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The Czech Telecommunications Authority (ČTÚ) auctioned free portions of the frequency spectrum, for which e-FRACTAL provided its own software platform for the electronic auction system and related services.


The e-FRACTAL company, which is Microsoft Certified Partner has gained a new specialization by providing Azure services.


We have successfully finished migration of our key systems on new cloud platform that we have been building since the start of the year.


We have finished installation and testing of new cloud platform which is the biggest investment of its kind in our history.


e-FRACTAL was separated from FRACTAL on 1.17.2001 and thus it celebrates its 15 years on the market.


e-FRACTAL, Ltd. is a Prague based innovative software house and IT consulting specialist with clients on nearly all continents.


We provide expert consultation services, which have a high added value. We not only develop a final working solution, but we also work with the customer throughout all phases of the project - strategic analyses, design, estimations and simulations. Of course, our co-operation with the client does not end upon delivery, as we also provide hosting for applications, web traffic management and support.


The number of successful references and unique projects is constantly growing; yours could be among them!


Even though we still identify with our initial motto „e-FRACTAL – e-business driven company“, we have decided to support a new period of our company's development with a new slogan: „e-FRACTAL – where projects grow!“. Indeed, e-FRACTAL is the place where we foster your projects, and help them grow!


So, let e-FRACTAL solutions kick-start your success! 

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